Stick A Dick Stud Edition

Stick A Dick Stud Edition

Category: Funny Sex Toys
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Stick a Dick is a parody of the renowned pin the tail on the donkey only this time the object is a little more intimate than a tail. Unfold your man poster, pin him up on a door, then pick your dick to stick. Choose from one of twelve hilariously named appendages turn around three times with your willy eye mask covering your eyes, take aim and fire. The winner receives the prestigious I know where to stick it sticker. For even more outrageous laughs, take your Stick a Dick round town, use the scissor lines to cut out the face and find a willing man brave enough to model your sheet for a real life game.

Choose from one of the twelve hilariously named appendages, turn around three times, with your eyes closed, take aim and fire.

Designed for: Women
Brand: Creative Conceptions

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